MEKY’s primary role is that of a dedicated marine consultant working closely with the customer on every individual project, from small to big projects MEKY always puts its brains to work and develop innovative products and ideas for our customers.

We offer our services as marine design consultants, for the purpose of new-building, performance prediction, change of original designs, theoretical studies, systematic series, multi-objective optimization, and all design and hydrodynamic related work, for all ship types and mission profiles, with great experience in the field of cruisers liners, high speed planing craft, sailing yachts, fast ferries, novel and new concept designs. Our target is long-term customer relationships, where our mission is to work like an in-house engineering office of our customers.

With our smart collaborations MEKY can offer:

Project Design
Research & Development (R&D) Studies
Stability Studies and Calculations
Conversion Engineering
Training Service
Weight Control
Complete Engineering Package (CEP)
Detail Engineering (DE)
FEM Calculations
Production Planning (PP)
3D Models
Basic Engineering (BE)