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Stability Studies and Calculations

Stability Studies and Calculations

Stability calculations are carried out for all design phases from outline project work to delivery documents and plans. Stability studies are carried out for existing vessels as well as new ones. All stability calculations are carried out with MEKY Stability in-house software tailored to the unique characteristics of every vessel; since we develop the programs in-house we can modify the geometry definitions as to take into consideration every big or small geometry detail that might interact with stability issues. The in-house method developed is not based on Simpson rule but a mesh distribution (wrap), Simpson from 2D sections is only used in order to validate the calculation, a more advanced automatic method has replaced it that can be directly used in CFD or stereo-lithography.

MEKY Stability products can be divided into eight principal categories according to the contents and use of the results:

Tank and compartment arrangement

Loading conditions
One of the most important aspects for any floating structure is the weight distribution i.e. the loading condition, from that we can investigate if the vessel will be proven worthy enough for the challenge of operation. In the case of leisure craft special attention is paid to the static longitudinal trim and LCG as we do not want the deck inclined a lot as it is not comfortable, whereas we want enough inclination in order to drain on-board water at hidden drainage pipes and inlets.
In any small high speed craft or racing vessel the centre og gravity is a key parameter to the performance and it has to be completely monitored. In MEKY we take weight and weight distribution very seriously and we try to obtain accurate figures even at the very early design stages using our database, regression models and other similar vessels we might have designed.

Intact stability
MEKY performs all necessary calculations using the in-house stability code in order to create the stability booklet, these calculations depending on criteria and circumstances can be very tidius to prepare as tanks and compartments have to defined. The tanks can be filled with any substance (i.e. specific density is required) and compartments can be used flooded for damage stability calculations too. MEKY has developed a protocol for these calculations that yields the stability booklet in any case or ship type.

Damage stability

Inclining experiments

Lightweight surveys

Stability booklet preparation

Authority/Classification Society approvals