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Production Planning (PP)


Production planning is a process, which starts already with the first outlines of the ship project. Major decisions on ship structures and details are closed at the project pre-design stage and therefore the participation of production planning organisation to these decisions is important. MEKY PP gives the shipyard and the ship-owner the confidence of cost effectiveness as well as monitoring feedback information that might block the production process.

products can be divided into five principal categories according to the contents and use of the results:

Mould Fabrication using 6-axis CNC milling machine:

MEKY is in position to deliver to our customers ready to mill designs. It has been found that milled components fit together much easier in the assembly line and at the same time maintain constant weight throughout production life. MEKY will insist to our customer to utilise 6-axis milling machine because of the superb finish of the designed surfaces and also the manufacturing reasurrance that everything has been included.

Milling machines around the world have become very capable for producing high speed craft since the scale permits the full scale prototype fabrication at a very reasonable cost compared to hand made prototypes which lack the finishing quality and symmetry of a CNC prototype.

Design for Production:

It is usual when the customer is not an individual but a shipyard that will require to produce the design numerous times to ask for Design for Production, MEKY provides a special service that allows the manufacturing cost of the series product to drop by applying specific design criteria associated with mould production fatigue, fitting times and precission.

 A boat designed for production will have integrated girders and bulkheads to minimise the labour intensive work of adjusting and laminating individual girders, will also have integrated mould patterns that allow for easier drilling and fitting of pre-assigned accessories and fittings. Usually the 3D model of these vessels is huge and includes all necessary fitting components.