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The hullform of a new vessel is something with which you are married actually for the entire lifetime of the vessel; even though some small modifications could be carried out later on to change some of the performance characteristics the overall hull cannot change. It is therefore advisable to invest in the optimization process of hull lines not only for resistance and propulsion but also for seakeeping and manoeuvring; it will pay off quickly once the vessel is operational. Advanced hullform and propulsion arrangement design based on extensive statistics, continuous R&D, CFD, model and full scale tests, all integrated in an optimisation loop ensuring the best achievable compromise in the hydrodynamic performance.

 MEKY Hydrodynamics products can be divided into seven principal categories according to the contents and use of the results:

The state-of-the-art tools and methods used by MEKY Hydrodynamics are developed in-house and thoroughly validated making this the key difference of MEKY compared to other similar design offices. It gives us a competitive advantage over the rest of the market and an incomparable know-how and confidence on the implementation of these numerical and experimental methods and subsequently has sculptured our Hydrodynamics Analysis Philosophy. For more information on the numerical and experimental hydrodynamics tools and methods developed and under-development by MEKY Hydrodynamics please contact us.