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FEM Calculations

MEKY specialises in FEM calculations and this can ensure class approval while maintaining a minimum weight configuration. Demands for complex structures require direct strength calculation to complete calculations based on simple rule. Accurate description of structures and loads enables finding out reliable responses. Finite Element Method (FEM) developed in-house is used to carry out a large variety of static and dynamic analyses for dimensioning and verification purposes.

MEKY FEM products can be divided into two principal categories according to the contents and use of the results:

  1. Strength analysis of hull girder and major/minor structural details.
  2. Noise and Vibration analysis of hull girder and local structures.

Different FEM codes exist within MEKY FEM that undertakes every individual part of the analysis ensuring a final integration of all the components. Levels of vibration can be set and not exceeded for specific cases and therefore optimisation routines will yield the optimum structural configuration and insulation.