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Planing Craft

In 2009 MEKY was asked to design a high-speed planing hullform to take part in races and also be able to correspond to all other duties planing crafts are used to perform. With this information and a fast hullform development research programme MEKY began the planing craft hullform studies.

After numerous alternative hullform configurations and exploiting available technology MEKY came up with a design that combines many performance characteristics and in particular is very forgiving and very economic to drive. This design has been successfully implemented in three different boat configurations; a pure racing boat, a pure leisure boat and a hybrid exclusive combination of both combined with breathtaking styling design and engineering.

With all the racing feedback and leisure applications MEKY is in a position to design, evaluate and produce high-speed planing hullforms like no other company in the field. It is noteworthy to mention that Dr. A. Mantouvalos has been appointed as an external lecturer to the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK in the School of Marine Science and Technology in the High Speed and Advanced Craft – Planing Craft module for 3rd and 4th year students for the past three years, and therefore can be considered an international expert in the field of high speed planing craft design and technology.