The Naya is the ultimate day cruiser at 12.5 meters of overall length. Its characterised by breathtaking design with unique visual language developed by VELOS design coupled to an extreme offshore high speed planing hullform, it combines performance , styling and ergonomics like no other boat of its category.

Based upon the extreme performance and hydrodynamic efficiency of the MEKY hull (Dr. Antonios Mantouvalos)  and designed in Vienna from VELOS (Mr. Nikolaos Raptis) in collaboration with Mr. Alessandro Salvagnin (Centro Stile Lamborghini) the Naya is the ultimate day boat.

The boat apart of great looks and narrow hullform offers great deck functionality and ergonomics, also it offers the option to have two separate cabins in the interior with separate toilet and shower facility. In order t keep the design slick it has been decided that there is not going to be enough headroom in the cabin since it is of secondary importance compared to the styling.

The Naya can be used as a superyacht tender for 10 passengers and 2 crew as well as a diving platform offering extra functionalities when loaded on a superyacht.