MEKY and VELOS Design on this particular project are focused to create a boat that it will be unique compared to anything already in the market. The boat will be a hybrid of extreme power and performance, with unique comfort and usability, unseen so far in boats of similar performance characteristics. The styling features of the boat will also be distinctively uniquely innovative, in such a scale that the boat will stand far ahead from competition.

Offshore racing hullform philosophy has been used by MEKY and Dr Mantouvalos,  to derive an extremely fast and agile, hydrodynamically correct, hull shape. The key characteristic of the variable deadrise deep-v hull developed is the longitudinal and transverse stability at high speed (excess of 80 knots), which gives comfort and safety to the crew and passengers at all times.

The double stepped arrangement adopted allows the minimisation of viscous and pressure resistance components, thus allowing the craft to be very economic over the entire speed range. The chine and spray rail design incorporated make the hull extremely agile at high speed turns (45 to 60 knots) , at the same time the unique reverse angle design with sharp edges of minimal radius gives a cushion of deceleration after re-entering the water surface at high speed making the craft very comfortable.

MEKY’s experience gained in offshore races has been passed to the craft hydrodynamic details and a thrilling ride should be expected.

Existing powerboats in this category with similar performance are limited in terms of space and usability. They lack quality interior space and leisure characteristics, such as usable exterior space on the deck, sunbeds, kitchen unit and usable cabin space. Our concept will offer extreme performance, but at the same time it will offer all the leisure features of a standard cruiser. When at rest or at anchor, the boat offers exterior deck seating arrangement with table, as well as sunbeds in both aft and bow, with the option of retracting modular sunshades.

The interior cabin is a spaceous leisure area offering a double bed, table and sofa, bathroom with shower compartment and kitchen, with the ability to accommodate 4-5 guests for sleeping. These ergonomic features establish the boat a “unique” project in terms of the leisure offered in such a performance orientated hull form and they have been achieved through several innovative ideas in the design and architecture of the boat.