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Hybrid Boat Propulsion

In an effort to reduce emissions and consumption in planing craft MEKY has proposed, researched, and experimented with hybrid boat propulsion, as an addition to existing boats and not as a replacement, making the implementation much easier and cost effective.

The lower unit of an outboard engine or a stern drive can be converted to include a DC motor at the front of the cone. The cone has to be elongated to envelope the DC motor and be hydrodynamically optimised for the  design operational profile. Modification has to be carried out to the water pick ups to be sufficient for the cooling of the engine.

A list of advantages has been crafted at this initial stage to create a forward thinking approach, and has been presented below:

*, ** Under electric propulsion.

*** The battery bank is supposed to provide 4 hours of operation under full charge.

The new lower unit will be somewhat different from what we have been accustomed to see until today. The reason for this is the addition of the DC motor infornt of the propeller, i.e. in an elongated cone. The following drawing presents the new system applied to the Bravo III lower unit and the standard systems.