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Anti-Pollution Craft

10m Anti-Pollution Craft:
MEKY in collaboration with Olympic have designed and fabricated for EPE a 10m variable deadrise angle Deep-V planing vessel to be used primarily for anti-pollution duties. This boat has the advantage that is can reach its destination, i.e. the area of the oil spillage, accident, fire and many more at high speed and has the ability to start the fensing and cleaning processes.

 The vessel is an ideal workboat platform with very small inbard diesel engine of 275HP with gearcase, transmission, shaft and propeller, having a cruise speed of 21 knots, and offers dry ride, stability and functionality with the open deck extending to 75% of the deck area. The aft end of the hull close to the transom presents a semi-tunnel design that extends behind the transom, this technique has been found to increase the efficiency of the propeller and reduce the wake wash, making the boat ideal for confined waters too (rivers, lakes, cannals, close to shore, etc.)