MEKY Hellas has been formed in Athens and operates since 2005 covering all aspects of hydrodynamic research and hullform development and evaluation. Furthermore, MEKY can undertake any marine related project from specific small tasks to complete packages. Through our international network of partners we are dedicated to offer our services to our customers worldwide, in a manner suitable for the circumstances. Our clients include: individuals, shipyards, classification societies, ship-owners and operators, suppliers of marine equipment, systems, services and accessories, universities and other academic institutions.

MEKY main point of focus is the hydrodynamic development and design of hullforms, especially planing craft, naval vessels, hybrid designs and multi-hulls. Both naval and commercial ships have been designed over the last 11 years. With key approaches to the performance evaluation including systematic series based methods, semi-empirical based methods, computational fluid dynamics based methods and experimental methods to accurately predict the performance characteristics.

We offer our services as marine design consultants, for the purpose of new-building, performance prediction, change of original designs, theoretical studies, systematic series, optimization, and all design and hydrodynamic related work, for all ship types and mission profiles, with great experience in the field of cruisers liners, high speed planing craft, sailing yachts, fast ferries, novel and new concept designs.


Dr. Antonios Mantouvalos / Director



Our target is long-term customer relationships, where our mission is to work like an in-house engineering office of our customers.

This together with our extensive experience and capabilities supported with smart partnering drives us to serve our customers better. We operate globally together with the partnering network, serving our customers throughout the life cycle of their products.

MEKY has a number of available resources for use in the development of our client projects, these resources include: a high speed computer cluster to perform numerical CFD calculations and other tedious in-house software; A hard-copy library with up-to-date magazines from different streams of the marine engineering and naval architecture community; Unlimited access to some of the world s most advanced research facilities, including the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne hydrodynamics Lab and Cavitation Tunnel, where very strong relationship exists and numerous projects are developed together, also it is noteworthy to mention that MEKY has designed it own free-surface cavitation tunnel and is waiting for funding to fabricate it (this will give the company a leading competitive advantage compared to all other similar design offices around the world).

Computer Cluster
In our privately owned offices in Athens there is a computer cluster dedicated for numerical computations. The cluster consists of 150 Sun Microsystems Computers parallel connected to each other with 2.5Terra flops speed. The cluster is fully air-conditioned and there is remote access to it from anywhere in the world, which gives us the advantage of being able to perform numerical tedious computations from our clients office in very little time and therefore being able to reduce the design time to a minimum.

MEKY has developed through the years many different numerical codes for the estimation primarily of ship performance, and also other miner tasks and simulations a ship is required to perform in its life time. These codes run in desktop computers but take ages to complete, and therefore the computer cluster has reduced our simulation time to a minimum and allows for creative code development without limitations from our dedicated software engineers and mathematicians.



MEKY has a private library with hard copies of some of the most fascinating and old hydrodynamics books out there, also there are series of boat and yacht magazines since 1990. Many technical papers also and other relevant literature. Soon there will be an online list of all the holdings of the library.





3D Printing
In 2014 MEKY acquired a low cost 3D printer from 3D Systems the CUBEX Duo that allows to manufacture fast and with low cost prototypes of complex mechanical components and test their functionality. Also, at a small cost scale models of some of our designs can be fabricated to be presented to our customers for approval.

The printer has also been used to revolutionize the design of spear-fishing guns with rollers in close partnership with Benthos spear-fishing manufacturer.